NXDATA is one of the leading providers of data centers in Romania

We focus exclusively on providing the infrastructure associated with colocation / data center services: electric power distribution, environmental controls, secured physical space and access to the available telecommunications networks. With 24x7 surveillance, NXDATA`s data centers are equipped to the highest technical standards: fire detection and prevention systems, electric power distribution systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, environmental controls, back-up Diesel generators. Our independence towards the existent telecommunication operators makes available for our customers the liberty to choose the most suitable service provider free of restraints, thus offering the flexibility required in times of economical changes for rapid business growth and expansion into new markets.

30 10 2014
NXDATA was one of the sponsors for the first local "NOG" (Networks Operators Group) Conference.RONOG#4 Conference was held right after the conclusion of the 25th EURO-IX (European association of the internet exchanges) Forum, an event which was attended by a number of representatives of the most important...

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